Cheryl Proudfoot aka Magic-of-Mana is an astounding, abstract, mixed-media artist. Her intrinsic work inspires the mind. Viewing her pieces arouses your senses by captivating your inquisitive side. She has the uncanny ability to capture life, emotion, and story like no other artist before her. Each brush stroke proves that her artistry is not of this world. Magic-of-Mana has put a spell on the art world.

Born in 1962 in Gatesville, NC, she was the oldest of five children. Magic-of-Mana was raised by relatives George and Minnie Riddick. She grew up in New York City with her mother. She has always had a hand in art and became serious 12 years ago while she explored the spiritual side of life. In addition to her artistic gifts, she is a life coach, spiritual minister, and public speaker.  Her experiences in life allows her artwork to send songs of mystery from the canvas to your eyes and ears.